You Prepared A Feast EP

by Jeremiah & Andrea Wise

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Special thanks to Rick & Faith Wise, Nathan Horst, Nate Gonzalez, Joy Deminski, Mark & Barbara Warden, Rick & Jan Wise, Ken & Heather Saul, Brendan Prestileo & Sarah Hall, Bridget & Jake Kavitski, Bruce & Yvonne Hensinger, Carolyn Charlton, Chester & Anakai Ney, Corey & Charity Curyto, Daniel & Chare Pishock, Doug & Sara Magee, Fred & Ellen Balliet, John Locker, Josh Crans, Karen Griffin, Mark & Katherine Iwans, Ken & Jenny Collins, Lauren Stracuzzi, Leasa Cathey, Liz DellaVecchia, Marcy Fenza, Nathan & Amber Todd, Providence Church, Rebecca Davis, Rebekah Brackett, Robb & Karen Holman, Ruth Witmer, Sara Dill, Stephen Di Trolio, Steve & Lauren Henricks, Steve & Adrianna Lake, Steve & Calli Tulleners, Brent & Tara Balla.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Nathan Horst.
Executive Producers: Rick Wise, Jeremiah & Andrea Wise
Recording at Attic Recording Studios.

Acoustic guitar - Jeremiah Wise
Piano - Andrea Wise
Vocals - Jeremiah & Andrea Wise
Drums - Rick Wise
Electric guitar - Nate Gonzalez
Bass guitar - Nathan Horst
Cello, Viola & Violin - Joy Deminski

Photography - Siousca Photography
Art Design - Shavon Rose Photography & Design

Contact & Booking:
Jeremiah & Andrea Wise
PO Box 718
West Chester, PA 19381


released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Jeremiah & Andrea Wise Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: You Prepared A Feast
My eyes have seen a great Light
Such kindness and love toward me
Mercy poured out on the selfishness of man
Open wide the highway of heaven

Father, You prepared a feast
Inviting everyone to come eat
There will always be enough for us
There will always be enough for me

I have been changed for life
Out of the kingdom of darkness, into the light
Everlasting joy will be on our heads
Jesus the Conquerer over sin and death

Praise Your holy name (amen)
You have done great things
Track Name: His Hearts
These are His hearts
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills
He wants every part
To accomplish what He wills

This is His heart
He makes pools in dried out lands
He takes every part
And makes it good in the end

Perfect peace came to me
Oh death, where's your sting

There's no higher thought than what's on your mind
There's no greater heart than a love that's a burning fire

This is my heart
I wanna love You the best I can
Take every part
Show me grace once again

You never stop
You never stop, no, no
You come running
You come running after me
Track Name: Heaven's Face
Firstborn from the dead
Making new the old
Closest to the broken
Coming from His throne

Teaching us the Father
Showing us His love
His heart is for his people
To know just what He's done

To bring peace, to bring peace we've never known
To set straight, to set straight our crooked roads
To bring hope, to bring hope that things will change
In the light of Heaven's face

Suffered for the freedom
That they all had in mind
Covered us in mercy
A sweet and gentle tide

Moving out of darkness
Into a glorious light
Now you'll never leave us
Your friend, your lover, your bride
Track Name: Heavenly Father
You're my sweet confidence
You have my heart and you hold me in rest
When the storms are raging on
It is You who lifts up my head

You're my sweet righteousness
You became my sing, now you call me blessed
When your children push you away
Still your grace always remains

Heavenly Father, how I love you
Everyday you lavish your love on me

What kind of father would give a stone
When His children are asking for bread